EWEA Resource Assessment 2013 25. juni 2013 - 26. juni 2013

Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

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EWEA’s series of workshops on technology issues critical to members continues in 2013 with a second resource assessment workshop, as requested by participants at the highly-acclaimed May 2011 edition.

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Organised for the industry by the industry, EWEA technology workshops are excellent value for money and are typically half the price of those offered by commercial organisers. As the industry’s European non-profit association, EWEA can hold these workshops thanks to the continued support of its members.

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Programme now available

The workshop consists of five sessions over one-and-a-half days:

1. Application of mesoscale models for resource assessment. Includes call for abstracts
2. Wind conditions modelling. Includes call for abstracts
3. Real world power curves
4. Current challenges of wake prediction
5. Comparison of Resource and Energy Yield Assessment Procedures Exercise – Part II

Programme and session descriptions

Take part in the second comparison exercise and see how close your resource estimations are to reality

A highlight of the workshop is the Comparative Resource and Energy Yield Assessment Procedures (CREYAP) Exercise Part II. Parties are invited to carry out a wind speed and energy yield prediction for a wind farm project with the aim to compare results of different industry standard models and approaches. Participant’s results will be independently compared and contrasted with one another, as well as against real wind farm performance data and the results presented in the final session of the workshop.
Deadline for submitting the results of your assessment: 10 May 2013

Full information on the second CREYAP exercise

Call for abstracts open

Submit your abstract by 10 May to have the opportunity to present your work at one of the most well-respected resource assessment workshops. NB to students: financial support will be given if the selected abstract is from someone in full-time education.

Abstract topics and submission procedure




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