CenSES School of Entrepreneurship - seminar 1 23. september 2012 - 25. september 2012

CenSES School of Entrepreneurship is a commercialization program targeted towards PhD candidates and other researchers within the fields of renewable energy and other green energy solutions. The participants can bring their own research project, they can target a specific research area where they will investigate commercial possibilities, or they can participate on behalf of a larger research project.

Participants in the program will have a unique opportunity to investigate the commercial potential of their research, to learn the basics of developing a business idea, and to meet fellow researchers with an interest in commercializing.

The invitation is offered to the eleven Norwegian Centers for Environment-friendly Energy Research (http://www.forskningsradet.no/fme) and the Nordic Five Tech alliance (http://www.nordicfivetech.org).


  • Identify and investigate the commercial potential of early-stage ideas within the field of green energy solutions.
  • Creating an entrepreneurial mindset and develop skills and capabilities for participants to take their research project out from the lab.
  • Full participation in the program will give the participants a feasibility study related to the commercial potential of the idea.

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